Deslizar 1
Lorena Bou Linhares
Aymara Arreaza R.

To approach a territory, a city or a town through exhaustive investigation of its layers; to reflect on different interpretations of spaces and how we traverse them;
to intertwine various archives and visions, to reformulate senses and rearticulate forgotten or hidden voices: this is how I think about my work in Ruta de autor, because I firmly believe in maps that demand a particular kind of observer and walker, one who avoids static imagery and seeks out a diversity of outlooks.
In Ruta de autor I’m tasked with historical documentation and coordinating the outline and execution of our routes. With each outing, I enjoy speaking with people and the performance component of resignifying spaces by traversing them.
I currently balance this rewarding role with my work in the publishing industry.

Walking is an activity that awakens my senses. Movement is also a form of thought. Faced with interiors, the street, mountains or the jungle, I focus
on sensitive atmospheres, indispensable when channeling experiences.
In Ruta de autor I’m tasked with outlining routes, linking spaces and stories, question perspectives and meanings. Encourage drift.
Currently I share my work at Ruta de autor with my other
passions—photography and writing, which can be seen at