The Auyantepuy Explorers

The Auyantepuy Explorers

The route Auyantepuy Explorers follows the steps of the first explorers that climbed the Auyantepuy, the high and steep plateau from which the Angel Falls, or Kerepakupai-vená, descends. The route begins in the old city of Angostura, today Ciudad Bolivar, and continues through the Kamarata Valley, to the south of the Auyantepuy, an strategic place, the starting point for the main explorers of the area.

This outstanding trip through the Kamarata Valley, south of the Auyantepuy, takes you on a bike ride to Kavak and then an unforgettable trip in a dugout canoe along the magnificent Akanan river. You’ll experience the excitement and wonders of seeing the landscape through the eyes of the early geographers, scientists and photographers who explored the Auyantepuy 80 years ago.

Ruta de autor works with the indigenous communities of the Kamarata Valley. During this route you will live with the Pemones and know their customs and legends, but mostly the story that links them with the outsiders who dared to venture into an unknown region.


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