Lights and Shadows of the Rambla Route

The world renowned Rambla is famous as a strolling ground...

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Altavoces bike_Rutadeautor

Barcelona by Bike Route

The route Barcelona by Bike explores Barcelona’s seafront through its history....

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Angel Falls, cascades into the jungle below

Canaima Explorers Route

Canaima Explorers Route offers you the chance to see one of the most...

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An extraordinary point of view

If someone writes about your work, it means that he/she recognizes...

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Ruta de autor in Japan

We were in Kanazawa, Japan, with Kaori in October 2013....

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Our postcard

Our postcard

Our routes stamped on postcards designed by the talented Lorena...

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Ruta de autor al Culturas de La Vanguardia

Extra, Extra!

Ruta de autor news hit the headlines. Now you can...

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"Ruta de autor... una nueva forma de entender los itinerarios del turismo cultural que están, ya, marcando el futuro. Su significación los convierte, a nuestro juicio, en termómetro de tendencia."
Xavier Antich,
La Vanguardia

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