Sant Jordi—Behind the Scenes

Sant Jordi—Behind the Scenes

Ruta de autor invites you to walk through the bookseller and floral circuit of Sant Jordi’s Day, an original route through Barcelona on World Book Day. There is no doubt that receiving flowers and books is a joy for many, but behind Sant Jordi’s Day there is usually arduous planning.

With this route we return to the legend of Sant Jordi, reflect on the origins of this celebration in Catalonia and venture into the dynamics of the preparation and launching of this tradition by publishers, booksellers and rose vendors. What novelties do publishers save for Sant Jordi’s Day? How many workers are enrolled in bookstores to meet last minute readers? Where do the millions of roses come from?

The route Sant Jordi—Behind the Scenes is an unprecedented walk that brings together different stories and perspectives to show the commercial display that has accompanied this celebration for over eighty years.


April 23


Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585


2 hours