Romulo Gallegos’ Jungle

Romulo Gallegos’ Jungle

The Romulo Gallegos’ Jungle is a completely new route. Doing this route you will get to know Romulo Gallegos, one of the most important Venezuelan writers, and you will follow the journey of the main character of his novel Canaima, an adventurer. Gallegos took a trip to Bolivar State, south of Venezuela, in order to gather material for the book, and his main character in Canaima crosses the Venezuelan Guayana looking for gold, diamonds and rubber.

The route begins in Ciudad Bolivar and runs through the Yuruari territory evoking the history of the people that comprise it. It goes into the rainforest and ends in the hands of the indigenous Pemon, with whom you will get to know the western side of the Gran Sabana, a difficult area to access with stunning tepuys and waterfalls.


Holy Week


Trip to southern Venezuela


10 days