Mestizo Madrid

Mestizo Madrid

The route Mestizo Madrid is a walk through the Caribbean in Madrid, an experience that consists of visiting a neighborhood known as “the little Caribbean.” We walk in search of the different realities overlapping in the urban space of the Spanish capital.

Mestizo Madrid is a journey that, with the help of our guides, reflects on the movement, the reconstruction of memory and the practices that immigrants develop in the new territory. In this hour and a half walk we invite the writer Juan Carlos Mendez Guedez to tell us his experience of the Caribbean in the Madrid he inhabits. During this route you will meet a different Madrid, with other accents, other food, different dress protocols and ways of being, a Madrid that evokes the Caribbean from memory and imagination.

The first time this route took place was on March 25, 2012, as part of the Second International Conference on the Caribbean, organized by the association YoSoyElOtro and Charles III University of Madrid.


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Cuatro Caminos


2 hours