The Canaima Explorers

The Canaima Explorers

The route Canaima Explorers offers you the chance to see one of the most iconic places in Venezuela through our unique travel experience. The route begins in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela’s former capital, and its final destination is the Auyantepuy, the high and steep plateau from which the highest waterfall in the world, called Kerepakupai-vená or Angel Falls, cascades into the jungle below.

It is a journey that sounds familiar, but what make Ruta de autor unique is that you will experience something very different. Through our experienced and knowledgeable guides and with the help and co-operation of the indigenous Pemon people who know the area, you will experience a historic route that will reveal the amazing cultural richness that has been hidden under the lush natural surroundings.

With this route, Ruta de autor relives the most important expeditions, the features and curiosities that identify the location, the indigenous legends, the literary descriptions of the Venezuelan Guayana and the rivers that cross it.

The first time this route took place was on January 2012.


Holy Week


Trip to southern Venezuela


10 days