An extraordinary point of view

If someone writes about your work, it means that he/she recognizes the worth of what you are doing, and if that person really gets the sense of your task, his/her comments become an extraordinary point of view. We certainly appreciate Ruta de autor’s definition that was writing by the Catalan critic and philosopher Xavier Antich and the Venezuelan curator Lorena Gonzalez.

“To access a more subtle and varied knowledge of the destination, turning the visit into a route that allows discovery and creates the experience based on a complex relation between the visitor’s and the local perspectives.”
Xavier Antich, La Vanguardia


Lights of the Rambla Route. Photo: Annel Biu.

“Unprecedented mapping of a performative practice which, with images and words, revives the asleep links in the skin of the city.”
Lorena Gonzalez, El Nacional

Photo: Gonzalo Tovar.

Traces of the UCV Route. Photo: Gonzalo Tovar.

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Posted on: 26 Nov

Ruta de autor in Japan

We were in Kanazawa, Japan, with Kaori in October 2013. Before we arrived there, she asked what we were interested in the city, and she said: “When you know what you want to do I will tell you my suggestions, therefore we will draw together a route.” We found very powerful that intuitive way to create an itinerary. Why? Because Kaori combined her knowledge with our curiosity. We enjoyed and discovered the charms of Kanazawa with Kaori. We hope to do the same with you—and with Kaori and Japanese friends—when you are in Barcelona. It means, we will offer you the local knowledge and you will bring your curiosity.

Kaori San recorded this message for us.


Posted on: 14 Nov

Our postcard

Our postcard

Our routes stamped on postcards designed by the talented Lorena Lozada. Announcing Lights of the Rambla Route, Barcelona by Electric Bike Route,  the new itinerary in which we are working (Sunday Brunch Route) and especially our personalized routes.

Ruta de autor's postcard

Ruta de autor’s postcard.


Posted on: 01 Aug

Extra, Extra!

Ruta de autor al Culturas de La Vanguardia

Ruta de autor news hit the headlines. Now you can read about our routes in Culturas, published in Barcelona, Catalonia.

Ruta de autor front page

Ruta de autor front page.

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