Aymara Arreaza R.

Aymara Arreaza R.
I know literature as a field of study, and from it I have approached a variety of landscapes. After studying literature I majored in Visual Culture and Communication and Art Criticism. I am currently working as an editor and publisher of media content, and as cultural manager in programming cycles of Venezuelan and Latin American cinema. In my travels, as well as in my writing, photography is always with me. In recent years, I have led groups of tourists in Spain and Venezuela.

Excited in front of one of her favorite buildings, during “Barcelona and the Indians” route.

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"Ruta de autor... una nueva forma de entender los itinerarios del turismo cultural que están, ya, marcando el futuro. Su significación los convierte, a nuestro juicio, en termómetro de tendencia."
Xavier Antich,
La Vanguardia

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