About Ruta de autor

We are a team that specializes in creating cultural and thematic routes. We design routes and offer to guide you on our trips and tours, on foot, by plane, car or bicycle. Guiding for us is to mediate between the content of our itineraries and the experience of the findings generated in any tour; “a new way to understand the cultural tourism itineraries,” as asserted in La Vanguardia about us. Ruta de autor has the support of the Barcelona City History Museum (MUHBA) and other public and private institutions.

We chose to include in our name the word “autor” (author) to highlight the independent and experimental condition of the tours. Each itinerary has multiple connections which reveal an original script, with great flexibility in the ways of approaching the scenery. Each tour is supported by extensive documentation and research, which adds different themes and approaches, in a cross-connection away from clichés and commercial lines.

The different perspectives from which a territory can be known predominate in all Ruta de autor’s travel experiences. Instead of repeating the same images and stories that for years have identified a city or region, we offer trips and tours based on cultural and thematic routes that recognize the dynamic nature of the landscape and are committed to the subjectivity of the gaze and to hybridization. Ruta de autor gives you a travel experience that incorporates new content and multiple points of view, to give the landscape a much wider significance, away from the reduction of nature or the city to a single image, or to a saturated image of the same themes and myths.


Visiting the Porxos d’en Xifré, a new architectural style in Barcelona in the nineteenth century.

Our goal is to enhance the cultural offers in the world of travelling and tourism by approaching natural and urban settings from an original and dynamic perspective. Ruta de autor explores the landscape through its history, literature, photography, geography, and legends… in various cities in Spain and Venezuela.

Ruta de autor’s destinations might be familiar or not, but the theme of the routes is only known by the professional team that has set the route, so we will be the guides who will accompany you on the journey. We invite you to know Ruta de autor’s routes.


"Ruta de autor... una nueva forma de entender los itinerarios del turismo cultural que están, ya, marcando el futuro. Su significación los convierte, a nuestro juicio, en termómetro de tendencia."
Xavier Antich,
La Vanguardia

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